We received this from Elizabeth Warren via MoveOn.  What happened in Wisconsin could happen to labor unions elsewhere.

No governor has done more to hurt working families than Scott Walker.

He started by gutting Wisconsin’s labor unions—the very organizations that built America’s middle class and that would fight back hardest against his radical agenda. When he succeeded, he cut $800 million from the state’s education budget, starving schools and laying off teachers. Then he rejected federal funding under the Affordable Care Act, leaving tens of thousands of people shut out of the health care system.

Now he’s running for reelection—and I for one am going to do everything I can to stop him.

Are you ready to join me to beat Scott Walker and reject his GOP agenda for America? 

In 2011, with the help of the labor unions and groups like MoveOn.org, tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters protested Scott Walker’s radical budget cuts in the state capitol and across the country. The protests led to a recall campaign—our first attempt to remove Scott Walker from office, but not our last.

This week, I’m headed to Wisconsin to endorse Mary Burke, the smart, tough, and experienced Democratic nominee for Governor of Wisconsin.

For a long time, the political pundits said Scott Walker couldn’t be beat. There has been plenty of money flowing in from powerful interests, and they said it would be just too much to overcome—don’t even try.

What did Mary take from that? That she needed to fight hard and build one of the best grassroots teams in the country to go door to door, person to person, to talk about why this campaign is so important for Wisconsin families.

That’s what she did, and here’s what she found: the people of Wisconsin were ready to fight back, too. Now the race is officially a tossup. In every single poll conducted in September, Scott Walker and Mary Burke were virtually tied.

And there’s one more issue Mary has taken on: she is not afraid to talk about how Scott Walker’s record shows he’s just another Republican acting like it’s 1954, not 2014.

This is a governor who defunded Planned Parenthood, repealed equal-pay-for-equal-work laws, and even removed the requirement for public schools to teach comprehensive sex ed.

Are you ready to join me to beat Scott Walker and reject his extremist agenda? 

To me, it is downright scary that Scott Walker’s Wisconsin has become a blueprint for the Republican Party’s America. And I’m not going to sit back and watch while his blueprint snakes from state to state, destroying the investments we’ve made to give every kid a chance to succeed.

Scott Walker has powerful friends trying to turn his agenda into a national crusade, but we’ve got our voices and our votes. Let’s show Scott Walker that America’s middle class knows how to fight back. And let’s show the Republican Party: Scott Walker’s agenda is too radical for Wisconsin and too radical for America.

Please join me in supporting Mary Burke by donating right now. We need to put an end to Scott Walker’s extreme agenda.

Thank you for being a part of this,


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