There are many damaging things about the GOP’s tax bill, but Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers claims it is good for families and people with disabilities.  Yet, more than a dozen national disability advocacy organizations have come out in opposition to the bill.

First, the massive reduction in revenue will lead to cuts to critical programs that people with disabilities rely on, including Medicare and Medicaid.
Second, incentives to hire people with disabilities and veterans would be eliminated.

We can’t allow this bill to pass . . . Please join us in speaking out against the GOP tax plan . . .  This bill will hurt our state in numerous other ways. It eliminates the state and local tax deduction and about 1 million hardworking Washington families will pay more in federal taxes. Our 64,000 teachers will lose the ability to deduct their classroom expenses. Washington’s 1.6 million seniors won’t be able to deduct their medical expenses. And 275,000 students will pay an average of $1,000 more a year on their loan debt.

Meanwhile, Rep. McMorris Rodgers is promoting a bill that is clearly detrimental to the people of Eastern Washington—the very constituents she’s supposed to be serving.  People from every corner of our state are standing up and saying “No!” to this bill. . .  Our window of opportunity to stop this bill from passing is closing, so please act now! For more information on Cathy McMorris Rodgers, see this website –>

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