Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke does not work for the citizens of the County.  It appears that he only works for the people that contribute to his re-election campaign.

Do y0u want help from the Spokane County Commission?  Are you prepared to “pay to play”?   Because Commissioner Todd Mielke may ask you for a donation to his re-election campaign camp.  Many of us have suspected such things for a long time.  Now we have evidence.

Photo Credit to Accountable  To Spokane.

Todd Mielke Solicits a Bribe from Developer

According to the Spokesman Review, developer Lancze Douglas has accused developer Harley Douglass of defrauding the County in a settlement for $685,000.  Lancze Douglas has evidence of falsified invoices.  When met with County Commissioner Todd Mielke to ask for help in getting to the bottom of the alleged fraud, what did Todd Mielke do?

[Todd] Mielke asked for a campaign contribution – Spokesman Review, October 9, 2012

Douglas refused to pay Commissioner Mielke.  Since then, the position of the County Commission has been to not to investigate the falsified invoices and fraud charges.

Although documents outlining the potential fraud, including sworn depositions detailing alleged check tampering, have been turned over to law enforcement, Spokane County commissioners say they’re worried that seeking repayment could unravel the whole settlement and end up costing the county even more. For that reason, they’ve decided not to explore whether taxpayer money might be recoverable. – Spokesman Review, October 9, 2012

Todd Mielke Denies Wrong Doing

Todd Mielke admits to asking for a campaign contribution while conducting official County business.  However, he has denied wrong doing.

[Todd Mielke said he] has been “asking a lot of people for support this year.” He said he explained to Douglass that his solicitation was not linked to Douglass’ concerns – Spokesman Review, October 9, 2012

Todd Mielke can deny that the request for a contribution had anything to do with the fraud investigation.  He can say that he was not asking for a bribe, but no reasonable person should believe him.

The Sherriff’s Department is conducting a separate criminal investigation of the fraud allegations.


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