Todd Mielke has used and abused his position as Spokane County Commissioner to approve unlawful land use amendments and the purchases of property so his developer friends can reap huge profits at the expense of Spokane County tax payers.  Before dishing out these favors to his friends, Todd Mielke often asks these same people for a campaign contribution. He was recently caught doing just that by the Spokesman Review.  Some have suggested that some of these exchanges of money have been bribes for Todd Mielke’s votes. The video about Todd Mielke at the right was filmed by Accountable To Spokane to draw attention to some of these abuses.

These abuses cost neighborhoods and tax payers even more when they result in appeals and lawsuits.  It has often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for neighborhoods to defend their interests in the courts while unlawful development moves forward.

Tax Dollars Wasted on Race Track by Todd Mielke

Commissioner Todd Mielke and his allies on the Spokane County Commission wasted $4.4 million to buy a failing race track in Airway Heights. (SR Raceway Purchase Stalls Park Plan 30, 2008).  Then the County wasted an additional $3. 6 million on race track upgrades and bailing out a contractor, which brings the total to just shy of $8 million.   A lawsuit settlement a few weeks ago added $850,000 to the cost of the track bringing the total to about $7.1 million that the county has spent to purchase and improve the raceway (Spokesman-Review – September 30, 2010).  To this day,  the track still has not turned a profit.

Tax Dollars Diverted to Donors Through the Purchase of Geiger Spur

Commissioners Todd Mielke and his other allies on the Commission purchased the Geiger Spur land from John Condon, Jr., a family friend of Mielke and campaign contributor to him (the same family as that of Mayor David Condon).  John Condon purchased the acreage in 2001 for $65,000 and sold it to the county last year for $600,000, which was a very huge profit at the expense of taxpayers under the guided hand of Todd Mielke (Spokesman Review – March 5, 2009 Officials discuss West Plains land use).

Millions in Direct Payouts to Todd Mielke’s Former Employer

Over the years, Todd Mielke has voted for millions in direct government payouts to his former employer the Spokane Chamber (now doing business as Greater Spokane Inc.). To do so, he has had to cut county departments and programs during these hard times. The elderly, the sick, and the homeless have suffered while Mielke has enriched his friends.

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